A Comprehensive List of 48 Interactive Video Platforms, Software and Tools

Updated June 2021.

We have a
passion for interactive video and if you want to start using interactive video, this blog is the place to be. We have collected forty-seven interactive video platforms, software, applications and tools that contribute to the world of interactive video! With this list we help you find the best interactive video platform for you.

Where to get started with interactive video platforms

Video as a medium has always been a great and ever-growing market due to its flexibility in types of content and what it can be used for, especially now that the online era has proven that it is going to stay. The application of interactive video is the next step in this era.

But however interested you may be to jump on the bandwagon of interactive video, it can sometimes be hard to find out which interactive video platforms, tools and interactivity software exist and which of the ones available might be the most suitable for you. There are a lot of interactive video players out there.

That is why we have compiled a list of forty-seven of the most noteworthy interactive video platforms, softwares and tools that you ought to know about when you are about to start making your videos interactive. We have categorized all companies into what we think they excel at, namely:

Of course, interactive videos are immensely flexible in how they can be used, which is why you should let your
creativity be your guide in this process. Feel free to contact us if you want to discover what interactive video can do for you or get started right away in hihaho studio with our interactive video technology!

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices listed here may be subject to change. We do our best to maintain up-to-date information; however, if you notice any discrepancies, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

1. hihaho

Education, eCommerce, Entertainment, Marketing

Hihaho is a Netherlands-based interactive video company and interactive video maker that makes your videos click! Our interactive video platform allows you to create interactive videos for any purpose, in any domain, compliant with all online video platforms. With interaction types such as clickable buttons, menus, and questions, the possibilities for your videos are endless! You can make an interactive video in no time!

Whether your goal is to educate, entertain or market a product or service with your video, hihaho will help you create a visual experience that seamlessly connects to your audience. On top of that, you are able to track all kinds of relevant data about your viewers and their behavior with interactions. You can find examples on our interactive video website. Do you want to learn how to make an interactive video? Hihaho offers an extensive knowledge base on how to make interactive videos. Hihaho also offers an interactive video app.

You can try hihaho for free. Pricing starts at €97 per video.

2. YouTube

Marketing, Entertainment

YouTube has decided to get rid of annotation in 2017 and that is why they have introduced cards and end screens to make interactivity more effective and efficient.

With cards, you can add interactive elements such as polls to your video.

With end screens, you can add your logo, links to more information or your channel, and more to the last couple of seconds of your video.

3. Camtasia

eLearning, Marketing

At heart, Camtasia is mostly a video editing tool rather than an interactive video platform, but they have incorporated interactivity in their tool.

The tools to make your video interactive are not abundant, but the fact that you can edit the entire video with their software, rather than using two separate programs, is a benefit of Camtasia.

They offer a free interactive video software trial and if you want the full product is priced at €261.05 with no monthly payments. 

4. Panopto


Panopto is an interactive video managing tool for universities and businesses that allows you to live stream, record and share videos. You can also use it for eLearning by means of creating online lectures with built-in quizzes.

To try out Panopto, you can request a free trial and access to Panopto Pro is priced at €12.99 per month. However, pricing may vary based on the amount of full-time students or total users the license will include.

5. EDpuzzle


EDpuzzle is an interactive video platform that specializes in educational videos. It seems to have a good understanding of what a teacher would want to know regarding their statistics.

The tool allows you to track if your students have watched your video and even how often they’ve watched certain parts of the video.

EDpuzzle is 100% free for teachers and students. The gradebook and all the premium features are built so that schools pay for them, not the teachers. EDPuzzle has their own YouTube channel called edp youtube.

6. ThingLink

Marketing, eLearning, eCommerce

American company ThingLink offers three interactive video tools that allow editing, one of which is a video editor and the other a 360/VR editor, if you’re that advanced already.

It offers many options to make interactive video content. It is geared towards online learning, but can also be used for marketing and commerce.

A trial account is without costs, but other pricing starts at $25 a month for a professional pack up to $125 a month for a premium pack. You can also request a custom quote for non-profit purposes.

7. H5P

eLearning, Marketing, Entertainment

Norwegian company H5P offers a spectrum of features to enrich your video in their interactive video platform, ranging from several question types to drag-and-drop text.

In addition, you can make your questions adaptive for when you want people that answered incorrectly to rewatch certain information but not people who answered correctly.

H5P offers free interactive video software. The tool is free and open source and therefore doesn’t require a free trial account.

8. Playposit


PlayPosit offers an online learning environment with an interactive video tool in which teachers can make videos interactive with time-embedded activities. You can add images, equations, audio, and more.

The tool is free interactive video software, unless you want to subscribe to a premium account.

9. Viddler


Viddler is an interactive video platform that aims to make existing video training content more effective. With role play, in-player interactivity, and gamification, their tool wants to help to show improvement over time and across teams.

Pricing is not listed on their website.

10. Uscreen

eLearning, Marketing, Entertainment, eCommerce

Uscreen is an interactive video platform that also lets you work with a billing system and other apps.

You can use videos, audio, text, and even live streams and webinars. It also allows you to record new videos within Uscreen.

Pricing for the most basic pack is listed as $149 a month, $299 for a plus pack, $499 for the pioneer pack and for an enterprise pack you can contact their sales department.

11. Wibbitz


Wibbitz is an interactive video tool that automatically creates a quick video based on a piece of text or an article. You can then further edit the video and even add narration. The company prides itself for how fast the video is ready compared to other interactive video applications. It is also highly customizable for your brand.

Pricing starts at $500 a month for a standard plan. You can also request a quote for a custom plan.

12. Eko


Eko, before its name-change known as Interlude, is a New York-based tool that is specialized in interactive live-action entertainment.

It offers a highly personal approach with the opportunity to discuss your ideas with help of their creative team.

13. Teads


Video ad company Teads acquired the interactive video company Brainient. The studio retains its functionality however, and is used to create interactive and rich media advertisements.

A great feature of the interactive video software is that it automatically converts 16:9 videos to a vertical version on mobile.

Prices are not listed on the website.

14. Wirewax

Marketing, eCommerce

Wirewax is an interactive video platform that is driven by artificial intelligence technology that recognizes people and objects, which you can then tag and make a (clickable) hotspot for your viewers. You can also add more if needed, both moving and static.

These hotspots can display further information, add an item to the viewer’s wishlist, and more via their interactive video player

Pricing starts at €59 a month for a basic studio up to €288 a month for a professional studio. You can also start with a 14-day trial.

They have separate pricing options for business teams listed on their website.

15. TouchCast

eLearning, Marketing, eCommerce

TouchCast has dubbed interactive videos as smart videos, because with their interactive video software you can create and stream videos. It also allows you to share any file within your video. Their tool is intelligent to work with and can be used for many types of video.

Pricing starts with $29 a month for an individual pack, $59 a month for a business pack and for an enterprise pack, you can contact their sales department.

16. HapYak

eLearning, Entertainment, eCommerce

Boston-based interactive video company HapYak shares the belief that every video could be interactive and their interactive video platform achieves that by adding hotspots, overlays, chapters, quizzes and more. It is flexible in its use for both educational and marketing videos.

For enterprise use, pricing is not listed, but you can request a demo. For individual use, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial of HapYak GO. After the trial, continue using HapYak GO for $20 a month.

17. Pageflow

eCommerce, Marketing

German interactive video company Pageflow offers an interactive storytelling tool with which you can add images, audio, text, and more to create stories and reports. It also comes with several perks that are helpful for journalism.

Pricing starts at €8.50 a month up to €399 with a number of different packs in between.

18. Klynt

eLearning, Entertainment

Klynt is an interactive video platform with which you can organize your videos and story with a mind map of sorts, by dragging and dropping uploaded or linked videos into that map. In addition, you can add audio, hyperlinks, videos, and more to a video.

The Pro Edition has a one-time fee of €499 and the Enterprise Edition has a starting price of €2,499.

19. Brandlive

eLearning, Marketing, eCommerce

Oregon-based interactive video company BrandLive is a good pick for when you are mostly working with live broadcasts rather than pre-produced videos.

With their interactive video platform you can start a conversation with your viewers by asking them questions or to have them discuss. It also offers more tools to engage and convert your audience, such as immediate shopping possibilities.

There are no set prices listed on the website, but you can request both a quote and a demo on their website.

20. Verse

Marketing, eLearning

Interactive video platform Verse allows you to work with storytelling, Q&As, and more by having interactions such as hotspots, slideshows, questions, and more. In addition, you can add pathfinder and chapters for easy navigation and a choose-your-own-path type of video.

You can sign up for a free trial, or sign up for a Professional account for $70 a month. It is also possible to get a custom quote or a demo to see how to create an interactive video

21. Rapt Media

eLearning, Marketing, eCommerce

Interactive video company Rapt Media, that is a part of Kaltura, offers a cloud-based platform to create interactive videos for which you can just drag and drop the content into the video. With this interactive video software, you can also track which paths your viewers take within your video.

Pricing is not listed on their website, but you can request a quote or try out the tool for free.

22. DilogR

Marketing, eEntertainment, eLearning

Texan interactive video website DilogR provides a video hosting platform and interactivity tool especially for marketing.

With Dilogr, you can create a dialog between you and your customers and also track their level of engagement. They offer a combination of interactive video, questions, surveys, polls, and more in their tool.

Pricing begins at $83 a month and moves up to $249 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 14-day trial or request a quote for an enterprise package.

23. TVPage


Californian marketing company TVPage is offering an interactive video app (interactivity software) that includes a commerce cloud for merchants and publishers. It is a video content management system, which means you cannot only upload your own videos and monetize them, but also learn from other brands and users.

Pricing is not listed on their website.

24. PlayFilm

Marketing, eCommerce

With PlayFilm, you can create an interactive video marketing campaign with SEO strategy, advanced analytics, and a brand custom player. On their interactive video platform, you can make the video interactive by adding a personal player and items that allow the user to take action.

Pricing starts at €49 per month for a lite account, €79 per month for a pro account, €199 for an advanced account and the option for an elite account. If you want the elite account, you can contact their sales department.

25. Viewbix


Viewbix is an interactive video platform on which you can create interactive ads using customization options in their editor and calls-to-action apps, such as Follow Us buttons, email capture, coupons, etc.

Pricing is not listed on their website, but you can request a demo.

26. Absorb Create


Absord Create is a broad interactive video tool for elearning with which you can make interactive courses and also, of course, interactive video.

You can add quizzes, texts, images, and also video sequencing. It also allows for real-time collaboration and to film and upload from your smartphone.

Pricing starts at $39 a month for a personal account and they also offer a professional account for $199 a month. You can also start a free trial.

27. Vixy

Marketing, eCommerce

Vixy offers an interactive video software with which you can enrich your videos and ads with clickable elements, which are shown on all websites and social media. You can add product information, forms, links, brochures, and more.

Pricing starts from €349, and you can request a demo.

28. Blue Billywig

Marketing, Entertainment, eLearning, eCommerce 

Dutch company Blue Billywig offers a versatile product, which can be used for creating interactive product informational videos, shopping videos, and way more. 

Their interactive video platform lists two handfuls of types of interactions that could be added to a video by an interactive video creator, so check their website for more information. Like some other interactive video tools, pricing is not listed on their website.

29. Dot

Marketing, eCommerce

Dot is an interactive video platform that provides experiences such as interactive videos, but they also provide other engaging interactive content like assessments, games etc. mostly used for marketing purposes.

It lists its potential uses on their website, to get a clear idea of what you can do with it.

Pricing starts at €200 a month for a starter pack + €1000 for an annual platform license, €600 a month for a basic pack + €1000 for an annual platform license and €1200 a month a professional pack + €1000 for an annual platform license for. It’s also possible to sign up for a 15-day free trial or to request a quote for an enterprise package.

30. Vidversity


With Vidversity’s interactive video tool, you can turn your lectures into interactive learning courses. You can add questions, resources, and also notes to the video. Record videos in the app or upload them yourself.

Pricing is not listed on their website.

31. Wootag


With the interactive video platform Wootag, you can let your viewers shop within your interactive video. You can have your viewers fill out a form for their contact information, vital feedback or reviews, and even user polls. In addition, they can buy the products directly from the video.

They offer four different packs: a free startup plan, a business plan  for $99 a month and an enterprise plan for which you have to contact them to establish pricing.

32. Smartzer


Smartzer offers an interactive ecommerce video tool for those who want to sell with or even within their videos. For example, the tool offers a wishlist and recommended items, is available in multiple currencies and languages, and is made interactive with hotspots that will provide more information on-click.

Pricing is not listed, but you can book and schedule a 30-minute trial.

33. Cinema8

Marketing, eLearning

Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that focuses on gamification, eLearning and Marketing. They allow users to create interactive video by using functionalities such as clickable areas, questions, buttons and more.

If you want to discover the studio, you can contact them by filling out the form on their website. Pricing is not listed on their website.

34. Boss Video Player

eLearning, Marketing, eCommerce

Boss Video Player provides an interactive video tool for Learning, Marketing en eCommerce purposes.

Besides selling products and services in videos you can also for example book appointments in videos, show another video in a video, add forms to a video, integrate social media, add any type of call to action buttons and embed live streams.

Their price is listed at $25/month for ten videos.

35. Vidzor

Marketing, eCommerce, eLearning

Vidzor is an interactive video platform that shows clever analytics and also offers alternative payment models, which makes it a marketing and commerce tool.

You can sell products within your interactive video. However, it can also be used for online learning by using their interactive menus, questionnaires, and voting tools.

Pricing starts at $50 a month for an annual plus membership, up to $99 a month for an annual pro pack. You can also sign up for a basic membership, which is free.

36. Adways

eLearning, Marketing, eCommerce

French interactive video software Adways is great for enriching videos for incorporating product information in an ad, but also for its tools for MOOC creators. You can add hotspots, contact forms, games, quizzes, and even other video material in your interactive video.

Pricing is not listed on their website, but they do offer a free trial.

37. Conducttr

eLearning, Entertainment

British interactive video company Conducttr offers immersive experiences that blend with the real world by incorporating aspects from several types of social media.

This interactive video platform and tool is geared towards storytelling and gaming, which could be implemented as a learning experience, too.

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial and when that runs out, it will be £500 a year.

38. Engajer

eLearning, Marketing, eCommerce

American company Engajer offers an interactive video platform on which you can build an interactive video tree by means of questions, so that your viewer can decide their own path throughout the video. It offers additional features such as an ecommerce plugin and a tracking system of your viewers.

It lists its potential uses on their website, to get a clear idea of what you can do with it.

Pricing ranges from $9 to $29 per month and is also available as an enterprise pack.

39. Exaltive

Marketing, eCommerce

This interactive video company aims at personalizing videos with their interactive video tool, by enriching it with marketing and commerce features. They achieve this with analytics about the interactive video and adding a personalized layer on top of their video and interactive player.

Pricing begins at $199 for three months. Alternatively, you can sign up for a 14-day trial or request a quote for an enterprise package.

40. Quadia

eLearning, Marketing

Quadia is a Netherlands-based interactive video platform, powered by Quadia, which offers the possibility to make interactive videos by, for example, adding clickable areas or additional information and incorporating sharing options and chapter menus.

Pricing is not listed on the website.

41. ClickView


The Australia-based ClickView is an interactive video company that is geared towards online education. Knowing that television and YouTube series score well among today’s students, they have started with interactive videos in ClickView Original Series.

You can use these to support your lesson material and create your own interactive videos by using their built-in questions in the interactive video tool. They also focus on connecting with the other students with their mobile app.

You can try it for free for thirty days.

42. Videopath

eLearning, Marketing

The Videopath interactive video platform offers interactive video with the addition of other media. You can incorporate text and images, but also content or social streams from social media, and call-to-action buttons to lead your viewers to where you want them to go. In addition, it allows for much customization.

You can try videopath for free. There is also a professional pack available for €349 a month or you can contact their sales department for an enterprise pack.

43. Videotier

Marketing, eLearning, eCommerce

Videotier is an interactive video platform that focuses on eLearning, Marketing and eCommerce with the addition of other media. It allows users to create interactive shoppable videos, video campaigns and actively engage users in eLearning.

Pricing is listed at £ 99 per month for a premium account. You can start for free. They also offer a Forever Free account with space up for three videos and with a max of 500 views a month. For enterprise options, you can contact their sales department.

44. Frametrail

eLearning, Marketing

German interactive video company Frametrail creates an interactive video by placing annotations, images, maps, or other documents on top of the video in their interactive video software.

This way, you can pack a video with all the information that you would like to add. This interactive video tool has to be downloaded rather than being web-based.

Pricing is not listed, but you can request a demo.

45. GoEssential


Austria-based interactive video company GoEssential allows you to create an embeddable library of videos that you can enrich with chapters, briefer versions and transcripts. In addition, you can also stream live videos on their interactive video platform.

Pricing is not listed on their website, but you can request a free demo.

46. IVOTek


French interactive video company IVOTek focuses on shoppable videos by adding an outline to objects and labeling them, but also other interactions such as a color changer. You can test their features in their interactive video platform on their website without having to sign up and learn how to create interactive video via IVOTek.

Pricing ranges from a free non-commercial account and a standard price of $30 a month, with possible additional pricing of $15 to $25 per 1,000 views.

47. Zavango Ascend


Zavango is a European and Canadian-based interactive video platform that aims to capture and transfer knowledge to learn faster and retain more. 

They offer interactions such as multiple choice, puzzles, drag-and-drop, surveys, polling, and more. They seem to focus on in-company training for matters such as skill training and onboarding. 

Pricing is not listed on their website.

48. Mindstamp

eLearning, eCommerce

Interactive video platform Mindstamp aims to be both an accessible and a powerful interactive video tool which helps reach commercial and learning goals. Their interactive video tool offers clickable elements for interactive videos such as buttons, images, hotspots and questions. Answers collected from questions in interactive videos by Mindstamp create a dynamic experience which affects shown interactions throughout the rest of the video.

Pricing ranges from $19 per month for a starter package to $499 per month for the enterprise package.

We hope that this list has given you some insights into what kind of interactive video platforms are available today. You can get started today with interactive video in hihaho studio or contact us if you would like to discover what interactive video can do for you!

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