Highlight interaction

When you want to direct the viewer’s attention to a specific part of the video, for example to a specific country on a world map, you can use the Highlight interaction. The Highlight interaction allows you to focus on a specific area in the video, by decreasing the visibility of the irrelevant area. You can keep the Highlight squared, or choose to round the edges. The color and transparency of the area surrounding the Highlight can also be adjusted.

Redirect attention

The Highlight will immediately stand out to your viewers and redirect their attention to the highlighted location.


When you have a lot of information displayed in your video, it can be convenient to highlight only the bit that is relevant at that moment.

Important information

The Highlight interaction gives the viewer a better focus on the subject which helps them remember important information better.

Guiding your viewers

Sometimes you want to show or tell a lot of information in your video. That is not a problem at all, but it is important to make sure the viewer can follow your story. The Highlight interaction can help with that.

Place a highlight on top of a part of an image or text you want to highlight. This way you ensure the viewer is looking at what you’re telling about, rather than something else.