Collect viewer data

Hihaho allows you to gather useful data about your viewers through your interactive video. This data includes numbers of (finished) views, clicks on interactions, given answers on questions and much more.

Useful input

Through interactions such as Questions or Forms, your viewers can submit valuable information.

Test your viewers

If your interactive video is created to let people either pass or fail based on their score, you can easily see the results.

Gain insight

Get to know your viewers’ behavior. See which interactions they do and do not click.

Get to know your viewers

With interactive video data you can get to know a lot about your viewers. For example, their preferences, opinions or answers to questions. The video statistics page gives a lot of useful information. Here you can expect to see:

  • The number of views on your video
  • The amount of finished views
  • How people answered your Question interactions
  • The average time it takes your viewers to answer the questions
  • The number of clicks on each of the interactions and menu items
  • On which devices the video is watched

Gathered data can be exported the way you prefer. You have the option to specify the data you export by selecting optional variables that you find useful. After selecting your preferences, you will receive a CSV-file with your desired information.