Get more applications with interactive video

Online video is great for recruiting new talent for your company. With online video, you can give a good impression of your company and show people why they should apply for the job. However, if you really want to win the war on finding quality candidates you should go with interactive video.

With interactive video you can engage your potential employees. For example, add a button to your website or recruitment page, or ask questions during the video to see early on if the candidate is the perfect fit. You can even add a job application form to your video!

Another option is combining multiple job openings in one video. By combining the right interactions, you can reuse the video for multiple purposes. This is a lot more efficient than having to invest in a new production every time there is a new job opening.

Examples of Human Resource videos


  • Recruitment videos. Get the attention of the talent out there and let them directly apply for the job.
  • Personal development plan videos. Support the PDP cycle with interactive videos, help your employees to find the right development goals for themselves.
  • Feedback videos. Use interactive video to gather feedback about your company. Create a virtual interactive ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ session.

Some facts about interactive video

  • 90% of all information captured in our brains is visual.
  • 75% of viewers prefer to watch videos instead of reading a text.
  • Visual information is captured 60.000 faster in our brains than text.
  • 97% of people say they understand things better when something is explained in a video instead of on paper.
  • 70% of all search requests on YouTube are for ‘how to’ videos.
  • Every day 2 billion people watch instructional videos.
  • Interactive video ads drive a 47% gain in time spent with a marketing message compared to a non-interactive ad.
  • Even if viewers don’t click on an online video, the sheer option to interact makes the ad 32% more memorable than non-interactive ads, driving a 9x higher impact on purchase intent. These figures are consistent among gender, age, and industry verticals.(Marketingdrive)


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