Transparent button interaction

Does your video already have buttons, logos, or other icons within the video itself? Add a transparent overlay with the Transparent button interaction to make them clickable.

All elements can become interactive

Literally anything can be made clickable: a door, an apple, or a painting.

Animated buttons

Does your video include moving buttons or buttons with effects added to them? This interaction will turn them into clickable buttons.

Illustrations in video

Prefer to place your buttons and icons in your edit rather than in our interactive layer? Then the transparent button is perfect for you!

Questions, menus and more inspiration

The Transparent button can make every element in your video interactive. This gives a lot of possibilities, such as designing custom questions in the video. For example, in this healthcare video transparent buttons were used to ask the viewer to click on the right trash bin for disposing medical waste. If the right bin is chosen, the viewer is redirected to the scene with positive feedback. But if the wrong choice is made, the viewer gets to see a different scene.

Another example: imagine you sell several kinds of products. The viewer clicks on the product they want to know more information about and is automatically redirected to the scene in which more information about this product is given. That’s how you can create a visually appealing menu.

For a video that automatically starts playing for Dutch theme park Efteling, the creators chose to add buttons with animated pixie dust to the video. This button is created in a video editing program and with the Transparent buttons it can be made to redirect the viewer to a website or another scene.

In short: the Transparent button can make anything interactive!