Scroll text interaction

You can have text such as “Our new arrivals are available in all stores!” scroll by in your video.

scroll text


A Scroll text interaction immediately grabs the attention.

Adjust the speed

You can adjust the speed of the scroll text.

Choose the direction

The text can move from left to right, from the bottom to the top, and vice versa.

A Scroll text is great for creating a simple instruction or advertising text on screen. A moving text grabs the attention and adds a dynamic layer to your video. You could for example animate texts such as “Click any of the buttons to continue” or “The brand-new iPhone can be pre ordered right now!”. For visualizing longer or more complicated text, we advise using the Text or Pause screen interaction.

Optionally, you can make the Scroll text clickable. It will then redirect the viewer to a website or a different part of the video.

The colors and size of the Scroll text are customizable, and fade in and fade out transitions can be added for smooth appearances of the text.