Linked video interaction

Are you planning on linking your interactive video to another interactive video? And do you happen to want this video to open in the same frame, instead of a new tab popping up. Look no further, because the Linked video interaction is what you’re looking for.

Video sequence

The Linked video interaction is great for when you have multiple interactive videos regarding the same subject.

Stay on page

When you link to interactive videos through the Linked video interaction, you make sure the viewer does not leave your website.

Back button

The Linked video interaction automatically creates a button that redirects the viewer to the video where they came from.

Create a convenient video sequence

Let’s say you have a sequence to your videos and you want your viewers to go to the next video after finishing the chapter. You could add this to any interaction with use of a hyperlink, but that would result in the viewer leaving the page where the current video is displayed. With the Linked video interaction, you ensure the viewer stays on page and easily transitions to another video.

When you create the Linked video interaction, you’ll be able to create a button. You can add a text, like “Click here to watch chapter 2”. But you can also make the text box invisible and put it over an element you created in the original video. Like we did in our homepage video.

Next, add the unique code of your video. When you watch the preview of the video, you’ll see in the url. You have to submit everything after the slash into the last field.

The video that is linked to, will always contain a button that says “Back to previous video”. This way the viewers can quickly go back to the previous video without any inconveniences.

Note: only hihaho videos can open in the same frame. If you want to link to a video from another platform, it’s important to put this video in hihaho first.

Unfortunately, viewers always have to press ‘Play’ when the next video opens. This is because Google has decided that videos should not start playing automatically, unless the video plays muted. In the video settings you can select the option to auto-play the video muted. The viewer will have to unmute the video manually.