Hotspot interaction

You can redirect the attention to a certain element on screen with an eyecatcher. The Hotspot interaction is perfect for doing so. Optionally you can add a text to the Hotspot that appears when the viewer hovers over it, or add a hyperlink to make the Hotspot clickable.

Redirect attention

The Hotspot will immediately stand out to your viewers and redirect their attention to the location of it.

Discover information

The viewer will see additional information when the cursor is placed on top of the Hotspots.

Create buttons

The viewer will be redirected to another scene or a website when the hotspot is clicked.

Using the Hotspot in ways that might surprise you

The Hotspot seems like a fairly simple interaction, but it has many more possibilities than you might not think of in the first place. For example, these three creative ideas:

  1. Make all Hotspots transparent. This way you can create appealing way for the viewer to discover information. In this video about properly washing hands for medical procedures you can see an example of how you can apply this technique.
  2. Use the Hotspot interaction to add information to an image. For example, add names of painters to images of paintings or add dates to images of an interactive history class.
  3. As you can see in the image above, hotspots are a fun way to make a map interactive. Place Hotspots on top of countries on a map or rooms on a blueprint. You can have the Hotspot redirect the viewers to a specific part of the video when they click on one of the Hotspots.