Form interaction

Do you wish to receive input from your viewers through your interactive video? Add a Form interaction to the video to do so! This way you can easily ask for information or have your viewers upload files through the video.

Upload files

Your viewers can upload Word and PDF files directly to your video.

Useful information

You can customize the fields of the Form interaction to acquire information such as personal details or contact information.

Optional feedback screen

You can easily add a feedback screen after the form is filled in. This can be used to thank the viewer for filling in the form for example.

Collect viewer data and information

With the form interaction, you can collect information from your viewers. This can be used, for example, for recruitment or a survey.

In the first three fields, you are free to choose which information you want to ask the viewers. This can be personal details, feedback or anything else. The fourth field is meant to collect email addresses. It contains a validation, so the viewer needs to fill in a valid email address to submit.

In the upload field the viewer can upload a PDF or Word file beside or instead of the fields on the left. You can change the text in this field if you’d like.

Lastly, you can add the email address where the input of this interaction should be sent to. This email address receives all the answers directly.